About the Author

Charles W. Sears

Author, Psychological Theorist

Charles Sears is a multi-disciplinary scholar and thinker with a passion for understanding the complexities of the human mind and its influence on our social and business structures. With a diverse educational background spanning technology, philosophy, criminal justice, management, and marketing, Charles offers a unique and holistic perspective on human behavior.

His extensive academic journey took him through Bakersfield College, Cerro Coso Community College, and currently to Western Governor’s University, where he is finalizing a degree in Information Technology. Over decades of dedicated study and exploration, Charles has cultivated a deep understanding of various domains, lending credence to his insights and theories.

Charles is the originator of the Cognitive Framework Theory, a revolutionary approach to understanding how the human mind stores and processes information, informing our decision-making processes. He is also the architect behind the BASICS behavioral model, a groundbreaking explanation of how our social infrastructure was created and continues to operate.

Beyond his theoretical contributions, Charles is committed to making this knowledge accessible and impactful. He is an accomplished writer, publishing articles that bridge complex psychological concepts with practical applications in everyday life and business. His writings aim to give purpose to his passion project: aiding humanity in understanding itself better.

In essence, Charles Sears is not just an academic but a committed advocate for human understanding. His work resonates with anyone seeking to comprehend the depths of human behavior, offering insights that enlighten and tools that empower.

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